torsdag den 20. juni 2013

Bliver VM 100 km flyttet?

I følge IAU´s hjemmeside er der risiko for, at VM bliver flyttet fra Durban. Følgende er offentliggjort:

IAU 100K World Championships South Africa October 2013. Don’t buy cheap flights yet!

We announced on May 13th that the IAU and the IAAF Road Running Commission had confirmed the IAU 100K World Championships would be held in South Africa on 26th October 2013. However, since then some local actions have led to issues being raised with Athletics South Africa (ASA). ASA have full IAAF support for dealing with these but it does mean that we might need to move the site for the IAU 100K World Championships either in South Africa or elsewhere. So we recommend to our Member Federations that they do not try to get extra cheap deals to South Africa until this is sorted.

Watch out for further news.

Hilary Walker
IAU General Secretary

IAU forventer at komme med en udmelding sidst på måneden.

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