torsdag den 14. marts 2013

World Run 3 er annonceret

Jeg har i ca. 3 uger vidst, at Jesper Olsen planlægger at deltage i et 3. løb rundt om jorden, men det er ikke op til mig at "breake" den slags nyheder, så jeg venter pænt, til det bliver off.gjort fra den udøvendes side.

Jesper skriver på facebook:
Brushing up on alpine skills w. the family as well as catching a view of what's on the horizon: wr2-lectures in Europe, writing on the 2. world run book and possibly a 3. run around the world. Its too fascinating a place to see in detail only twice; especially if you can make a living of that lifestyle :-) But this time, it will be a quite different way than the two first run's. More to follow in a little while..
Det rejste selvfølgelig hurtigt et par reaktioner:
- K.G. Nyström: A 3rd around the world? You are not reliable so much I know.
- Lars Tuxen: En 3. world run med nyt fokus - det ser jeg frem til at læse mere om! Du skal måske løbe baglæns denne gang?
Jesper svarer: Yes, K-G. I know I PROMISED that the wr2 was my last run around the world. But sometimes the temptation of Adventure - and the urge to seek up the ultimate Freedom, becomes too strong And yes, Lars, it will be very different this time. Though, running backwards or on my hands - not. Still there were a few goals I didn't achieve on wr1 & wr2 and of course they haunt' me: For example to share the run with a Team, All The Way, and also charity was left behind the first time... More details than that will have to wait a week

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